Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Think alike freethinkers

If you have a high tolerance for blue language, this is an amusing expose of freethinkers who champion free inquiry as long as everyone thinks alike:


  1. Steve, I'll say this. I consider myself a skeptic, but after seeing the reactions of most "skeptics" and "freethinkers" to the Zimmerman verdict, I want nothing do with organized "skepticism". These people criticize religious believers for denying evidence and reality, but they have no room to talk, considering they are denying obvious evidence and reality in the Zimmerman situation.

  2. Of all places, has pointed out how childish and irrational the whole "unfriending as a form of emotional blackmail" is:

    Of course, there's a fair share of blue language there too. The internet needs a bar of soap and a big toothbrush!