Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How does homosexual marriage harm heterosexuals?

Proponents of sodomite marriage ask who is harmed by sodomite marriage? Here’s one example:

You see, it isn’t enough for homosexuals to have equal rights or special rights. It isn’t enough to make sodomite marriage legal. It isn’t enough to make sodomite marriage a “Constitutional right.”

No, they will demand unconditional approval. They will question you on your attitude about homosexuality. If you give the “wrong” answer, you will be punished.

And notice that this happened in the red state of Texas. Imagine the fate of a student in a blue state.

BTW, this gives the lie to the anti-bullying policies. Anti-bullying policies are just a pretext to bully students (and teachers) who don’t submit to the sodomite agenda.

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