Monday, February 18, 2013

Bauckham's bargain

In “On Bauckham’s Bargain,” (forthcoming in Theology Today), I critically examine Richard Bauckham’s “christology of divine identity” – which has attracted so many evangelical apologists and theologians.

What Tuggy will say in that article remains to be seen. However, I’d make the preliminary observation that the value of Bauckham’s Christological material lies, not in his category of “divine identity,” but in his exegesis of various passages. Even if Tuggy were to demonstrate that Bauckham’s category of “divine identity” is confused, that does nothing to rebut Bauckham’s exegesis. That would just mean Bauckham is better at exegetical theology than philosophical theology.

If experience is any guide, Tuggy will focus on the concept of “identity,” and use that as an excuse to disregard Bauckham’s exegesis.


  1. Steve,

    Hard to separate the two - a bad theory is often the mother of much bad exegesis. I'll send you the paper if you want to see it; just can't post it.

  2. Dale, which of Bauckham's works will you be interacting with?

  3. Mainly Jesus and the God of Israel, but a number of his articles too.