Sunday, April 01, 2012

The cause of death in the crucifixion of Christ

Since Easter is coming up, I thought some people might be interested in a few articles on the medical aspects of the crucifixion of Christ:

Of course, there are more medical articles on the topic or related topics cited in the references.

In addition:


  1. Excellent video. Thanks Patrick.

    Jesus was the King Eternal, and He left His throne to take on a crown of thorns for rebels.

    "God loved the world so much, He...."

  2. The 1986 Journal of the American Medical Association publication of the Edwards et al article provoked quite a reactive firestorm. The letters to the editor written in response (and taking JAMA editors to task for allowing the article to see the light of day) make almost as fascinating reading as the article itself. You would have thought Edwards had advocated the torture of little babies...oh, wait, those kinds of articles get only approving responses...

  3. Thanks, Ken. That's interesting. I'm surprised JAMA even published it in the first place. Or, well, at least I can't imagine JAMA doing that today!