Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Resources on transcendental theism


  1. Hello Steve,

    Other than Bahnsen/Stein, do you know of any good presupp debates that I could check out?


  3. Here are three classic debates between presuppositionalists and atheists.

    Paul Manata (Van Tillian presuppositionalist) vs. Derek Sansone. Paul's first public debate.



    Paul Manata vs. Dan Barker

    I've listened to many of Barker's debates. This is first time, in my opinion and experience that Barker lost a debate (at least up to that point). Paul DEMOLISHED Barker.

    Paul's views on VanTillian apologetics have changed since these debates. The top two apologetical students of Van Til were John Frame and Greg Bahnsen. Bahnsen and Frame were friends till Bahnsen's death even though they had some disagreements on apologetics. Since these debates I believe Paul moved away from some of Bahnsen's views and toward John Frame's views. Though, this description is probably an over-simplification.


    Vincent Cheung (modified Clarkian Axiomatic presuppositionalist) vs. Derek Sansone

    There are serious weakness in Cheung's apologetical method. However, there are some things one can learn from it.

    Here's a link to refutations of Cheung's views:


    Other debates between presuppositionalists and atheists as well believers in other religions can be found at other websites like:

    The Narrow Mind podcasts. Paul is a frequent guest.

  4. Paul Manata and atheist John Loftus mini-"debate" on The Narrow Mind