Sunday, September 19, 2010

William Lane Craig Interviewed About Stephen Hawking

Greg Koukl just interviewed William Lane Craig regarding Stephen Hawking's latest book. The entire radio program should be posted at the Stand To Reason web site later this week. The interview with Craig was in the third hour. And Craig has addressed Hawking's claims (and some similar claims made by Lawrence Krauss) more briefly in some of his recent audio blog entries found here. Near the end of his interview with Koukl, Craig said that he's written an article responding to Hawking, which should be posted at the Reasonable Faith web site soon.


  1. I just started reading Hawking's book today. I was surprised that it reads like something taken from Dawkins or Dennet (at least in the first two chapters, all that I've read so far). Just your typical attempts to shrug off religion by some Darwinian explanation...

    I wonder if Craig will only respond to Hawking's comments about the universe(s) not needing a god to cause them to come into being (since, according to Hawking, the physical laws are sufficient to explain their coming into being) or if he will respond to his other attempts at atheology too.

  2. Craig's intial audio response is at:

    near the Bottom of the site – its been posted there for a few days. MP3.