Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's missing from Ehrman's NT intro?

Darrell Bock makes a good point regarding The New Testament: A Historical Introduction by Bart Ehrman.

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  1. Steve,

    yes Darrell does and I'm lazy! grrrrr

    Just an, speculative, aside. It came to me as I was reading Darrell's good point, that the reason God wanted Mark's attribution is so that we would learn to forgive one another more carefully, the other, when we do stupid things to those counting on us in the work of the Gospel advance.

    Paul and Barnabas and Mark can attest to Paul's unforgiving nature and the big heart of Barn! Barnabas needed to be less lazy and Paul needed to be softer at heart in forgiving the let down Mark. Peter didn't. But hey, Peter and Paul went at each other too on Biblical grounds of Grace, Mercy and Peace.

    Thank God God saw that one coming about Mark and Silas was around and available, himself being full of the Grace of the Lord too? But with an introduction to Biblical Christianity that the Holy Spirit gives Paul, one should be quick to realize Saul of Tarsus's soft, gentle heart was hardened by the company he kept and worked with, "for God", until the Great Heart of Jesus decided to turn Saul around and by so doing help us all, in our own generations, forgive one another, especially those we are counting on, a bit more freely and then actively restore them to ministry, ones like Saul or you or me???