Sunday, January 03, 2010

Sir, permission to speak freely, Sir!

I see that Cross is cross with TF:

“I didn’t find any ‘reasons’ in your post at the link. I see an ad hominem directed at me (something we don’t permit here on CTC, and something you don’t do when you are here), a challenge to me, an assertion that my claim is ‘absurd’, and a number of patristic quotations that when understood correctly, are fully compatible with what I said.”

I see that Cross is cross with TF. Apparently, TF has violated one of those invisible lines of etiquette in Bryan’s code of politesse. Now TF will have to sacrifice a bull to atone for his breach of punctilio.

One of the quaint things about Bryan is that while he fancies himself an ecumenist, he's oh-so finicky about who he deigns to dialogue with. You have to be the right sort of person to be accorded the inestimable privilege of debating his personage. It's like a screening process when you apply for membership in some exclusive country club.

How can he ever hope to win people over to the one true church when he's so prim and prissy? When he only debates people who meet with his personal approval?

I don't care how bloggers choose to moderate their own blogs. They can set whatever rules they please. But when they have such lofty ecumenical pretensions, how can they expect to convert the world to the one true church if they're only prepared to talk to people with just the right table manners?

If you’re serious about ecumenical outreach, you can’t be that stuck-up. You have to be ready to get a little dirt under your manicured fingernails.

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  1. "I don't care how bloggers choose to moderate their own blogs."

    I have one exception to this general rule (which I generally agree with):

    When the blog purportedly seeks to uphold Christ, then it's un-Christ-like for blog moderators to abuse commenters who don't warrant that abuse.