Friday, April 24, 2009

Totalitarian nihilism

Unbelievers are deeply irrational in so many different ways, but one of the most conspicuous symptoms of their irrationality is the incongruous combination of moral nihilism with social engineering.

A secular worldview logically conduces to moral nihilism. And, indeed, some secular thinkers are candid enough to admit that.

At the same time, many secular thinkers are also social engineers. They have a social blueprint for their moral nihilism.

Their motto is: “Life is meaningless! Now I’m going to tell you how to live your life!”

You’d think that someone who vehemently denies the very existence of moral absolutes would adopt a pretty laissez-faire attitude towards social conduct. Why would a nihilist care how others choose to live their lives?

But, no, they’re really quite dictatorial about the right way to live a meaningless life. They harness the coercive apparatus of the state to impose their social blueprint on an unwilling populace.

We can see some of this inconsistency in the Obama administration. On the one hand, human life is a pretty cheap commodity to Obama. You can see this in his views on abortion, stem cell research, and euthanasia.

On the other hand, he has a very authoritarian social agenda. He presumes to impose his iron will on 300 million Americans through force of law. His very personal vision should be the law of the land. Everyone must genuflect to Obama’s value-system. He is the Ethicist-in-Chief.

Unbelievers pride themselves on their rationality, but they betray their intellectual pretensions at every turn.


  1. The dogmatism of those who spent their youth saying "don't think, only feel" is extraordinary, isn't it?

    But actually the link is selfishness. They don't want morals, because they want to fornicate. They do want "ethics" because they want their pensions to be safe. They do want to tell people what to do, so they invent some rules (for others!) to allow them to do so.

    We're living through the dregs of the selfish generation, who've spent their time trashing the socities to which they owe everything.

    But they too will pass. And if they get their way on euthanasia, they will pass sooner than they think!

  2. Now, Joe Stalin was an atheist who lived consistently with his beliefs!

  3. This is very slightly off topic (or very slightly on topic), but the last couple of times I've brought up the topic of state vs private health care, people have said that under the American system you lose your health insurance if you lose your job, and therefore can't get vital treatment. Is this true?