Monday, January 12, 2009

The Christian in the public sphere

Scott Klusendorf responds to Phil Johnson's critique of a point he made in an interview with Justin Taylor.


  1. Phil's usually very, very good in his Christian orthodoxy and orthopraxy.

    Yet on this one, he went a bit off the rails.

  2. I take a both/and approach to them.... :-P

    Actually, I think SK is right for the short term. It is important to save the unborn baby at the CPC. That is the immediate concern.

    However, PJ is correct in the long run. The Gospel's priority would reduce the need of CPCs, all other things being equal. Not that SK doesn't believe in promoting the Gospel or anything of that nature (I do think PJ misread SK's original post in that regard). However, I do think SK is a little too ecumenical at times when he could more clearly state his Protestant beliefs.

    On the other hand, SK does far more there than 99% of the Christian community anyway. Sadly, there's just not enough Christians who care about any issue--abortion or the Gospel or any other thing you wanted to put out there.