Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blogroll update

The resourceful and indefatigable Patrick Chan has updated the blogroll. This consists of fixing broken links, deleting defunct sites, adding a number of new sites to the roster, adding a new section on bioethics, and moving some preexisting links to more logical locations on the blogroll.

If your blog didn’t make the cut, it’s probably because your blog is so much better than mine that I couldn’t stand the competition!


  1. Well, since you put it THAT way, go ahead and take me off...


    No, thanks for the add.

  2. Honored to be on your blogroll!

  3. **glances forlornly at the blogroll**

  4. I don't see blog that is!

    It's rhology's fault!



    “I don't see blog that is!”

    Beggars All is on the roster.

    “It's rhology's fault!”

    Most things are. All are social ills are traceable to Bush, which are traceable to Rove, which are traceable to Alan. Alan is the power behind the power behind the throne. His blog is just a front-organization to distract you from his nefarious day-job (which is classified).

  6. jugulum said...

    “**glances forlornly at the blogroll** “

    You have a blog? That’s not listed on your profile.

    Anyway, we’d never plug you since we know you’re working on the Turk, which will be the brain of Skynet.

  7. Steve,

    I know and folks can find my personal and lesser blog through Beggars All. I'm gonna delete Rhology's off though! ;)


  8. Steve,

    Sure it is! It's the "My Web Page" link. It's not a Blogger blog, so it doesn't get listed in the normal list of blogs.

    Through A Glass, Dimly

  9. Thanks for having me on the blog roll!

    I also know Michael Horner in your apologetics section. He and the senior pastor of my church were roommates with Campus Crusade and I got to meet him in London recently spending a couple of weeks cutting my teeth with him on apologetics to Muslims.

    Funny story:

    We sat across from each other over a spaghetti dinner. I mentioned James White and saw a funny look on his face. He didn't say anything, but it gave me a pretty clear idea of his soteriology. As the conversation progressed, it became clear to me that he was one of the rare breed of compatabilists who don't identify themselves as Reformed because they're not 5-pointers.

    Later in the lobby of the hotel, another of our associates who had been talking to him mentioned as I approached, "Hey! Michael's not Reformed!"

    I replied, "I know."

    Michael looked at me incredulously and asked, "How did you know?"

    My explanation impressed him and we became quick friends. We worked on him some, but he has a pretty well-developed theology and probably won't come over anytime soon.