Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Hippie Philosopher

If Palin was Rove's choice, then this shows that McCain is under the thumb of the Bush-Cheney wing of the party.

Really? From what I’ve read, Rove was rooting for Romney to be McCain’s pick:

For an article on the actual selection process:

Doesn’t look like the Karl Rove imposed Palin on McCain.

Comparing Palin's qualifications to Obama's is also absurd, at least at this point. Obama has executed a primary campaign, taken on formidable opponents within his own party, won the support of the Clintons for his general election campaign, and developed policy positions on the issues facing the President.

Translation: Obama is a Democrat who edged out another Democrat in Democrat primaries. He’s also had position papers written for him. Yes, his presidential credentials are nonpareil.

Obama has chosen Biden, someone who is not only capable of assuming the presidency should Obama's heart stop beating, but someone capable of posing tough questions concerning the President's policies. Someone who will not be a rubber-stamp and a yes-man.

Ah, yes...Biden is such an intellectual force to reckon with:

“One can only imagine how inquisitive reporters would handle a Republican nominee for vice-president who graduated 86th in his law school class of 95 as Biden did. As for Biden's unfortunate history with plagiarism, the less said the better.”

Reppert’s basic problem is that he’s a hippie masquerading as a philosopher. A creature of the Counterculture. He came of age during the Psychedelic Sixties. Those were his formative years. And it shows.

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