Thursday, April 17, 2008

Most Moved Mover

Open theism is generally identified with such contemporary theologians as Clark Pinnock, Gregory Boyd, John Sanders, David Basinger, and William Hasker. However, the greatest living theologian of open theism is undoubtedly Eddie Izzard:

"Among Izzard's comic talents are mimicry and mime. He portrays God (as a bumbling authority figure who doesn't really seem to know what he's doing) using the voice of James Mason."


  1. Eddie Izzard is one of my favorite Open Theists.

  2. You know that Vox Day guy who wrote The Irrational Atheist? His pastor is Greg Boyd. Too bad...

  3. Yes, the posthumous magnum opus of the late Thomas Torrance is:

    Edward John Izzard: The Karl Barth of Open Theism: The Early Years: 1962-1972 (Edinburgh: T&T. Clark, 2008).