Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Voices of The (Minor) Prophets

In an effort this year to make the blog a bit more pastoral in character, I will be regularly posting snippets from Scripture. I have chosen to begin with the Minor Prophets because they are, quite simply, often neglected - at least in my own experience. I will post bits that are "to the point" and are for use in Scripture memorization. If you have any suggestions for texts, please email me with the references and I will add them to my list. My email is in my blogger profile. Sometimes I will provide a brief exposition. Other times I will let the text stand on its own on the assumption that you all will take a look at the context for yourselves.

This week here is one that speaks for itself.

The Lord is good
A stronghold in the day of trouble, and
He knoweth those who trust in him.

Nahum 1:7

HT: Scripture Searcher

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  1. roving rabbi1/02/2008 11:22 PM

    Many thanks for giving some attention to the frequently neglected, smaller (not minor) prophets.