Thursday, January 17, 2008

His Anti-Catholic Voodoo Doll Won't Work Anymore

Answering Dave Armstrong at his own level...

Dave Armstrong points to his Triablogue voodoo doll. It won't work anymore, daddy!

Recently Steve Hays wrote a couple of posts pointing out what most would think is obvious - Dave Armstrong has no authority to offer theological or spiritual advice as if it were true. He can err just like the Reformers. Why would Catholics run to Dave for his private interpretations on various religious, spiritual, and moral issues? Perhaps he's a Catholic antirealist? He's just offering useful advice. Not to be confused with offering anything that gets at the truth. Much like a fortune cookie. Perhaps a Joel Osteen. No theology, but your best life now.

How did he respond to this eminently plausible point? By throwing another temper tantrum. The essence of his response:

"I am an importent Catholic mind, Hays! My friend's grandma says so. She even gave me meatballs for my advice. Don't take my word for it? Here's the picture!"

Well why'd you go messing with a T-blogger anyway, Dave?

We all remember what happened the lat time you messed with Steve. Or was it Gene? They both look so much alike.


  1. Well, that first pic is just spooky...

  2. I confess, I almost had a moment of hope when I read DA's comment:
    I'm rapidly considering returning to my sometimes-policy of ignoring these clowns altogether.

    But you get your heart broken enough times....

  3. That first image takes the cake. I love it!

  4. My pics r even better!

  5. Sheesh, Dave. You act as if Paul didn't already link to your blog post in the main body. Probably because you didn't read it.

    Then again, I never expect anti-Calvinists to read anything. They're usually too busy claiming everyone who disagrees with Dave Armstrong is an anti-Catholic to concern themselves with looking intelligent.

  6. Paul Manata said: We all remember what happened the lat time you messed with Steve.