Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Phillip Jensen interview

I just discovered this little gem: Mark Dever interviewed Phillip Jensen for 9Marks Ministries back in May of the year 2000. Jensen currently serves as the dean of St Andrew's Cathedral in Sydney, Australia -- the oldest as well as largest Anglican church in Australia. Despite being Anglican, however, the church is apparently evangelical, Reformed, and Calvinistic. (Update: see comment below.)

Also, Jensen was formerly rector of St Matthias, a church which originally began near the University of New South Wales. At the same time, Jensen was serving as chaplain of the university. In these roles, he was instrumental in starting Matthias Media. Matthias Media is perhaps best known for its publication of a gospel tract called Two Ways to Live, which Jensen penned.

Note, too, Phillip Jensen is the brother of Peter Jensen, the Anglican archbishop of Sydney. Both were saved during a Billy Graham crusade in the late 1950s.

It's so encouraging to see how mightily God is working in other parts of the world. May God continue to bless their ministry.

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  1. As a former Sydney Anglican I would say it is rather a stretch to call the church Reformed, and Calvinistic. It would be fair to say that there are some in the church, including not a few clergy who are sympathetic to this view, though rarely in an explicit way.