Thursday, April 26, 2007

PCA Report on FV, NPP, & Auburne Av

Report of Ad Interim Study Committee on Federal Vision, New Perspective, and Auburn Avenue Theologies


  1. Aside from my views on baptism, this is why I'm not Presbyterian. This controversy has gone on far too long. Every presbytery seems to have a report on this, and now yet another report. The Presbyterian court system seems mighty slow when it comes to this sort of thing. Of course that's the tradeoff. It makes heresy hard to spread, because it is containable, but at the same time, once it takes root, it becomes terribly hard to remove.

    In the old days, the Baptist churches in an association would have set up a committee to investigate the matter and dealt with it in a few months. There was a day in which we wrote circular letters on doctrinal issues and churches asked questions that the Association answered. If churches were found out of step with the confession and/or out of step with accepted doctrine, the Association...not the state or national conventions I might add...would nip it in the bud by issuing a direct citation to the elders of the church AND the members to repent of their error, and they would even disfellowship whole churches if necessary. The churches could still exist and function (local church autonomy), but not with the blessing of the Association.

  2. Huah, "gone on far too long"? It hasn't been going on that long, and PCA churches that are holding to FV are small, extremely small. Man, as far as even finding a Baptist church that holds to correct doctrine or exersises church discipline properly, good luck! My mom, who is still a member of an SBC church, recently went on a church sponsored trip to see Joyce Meyers! This church happens to be on of the biggest and most conservative Baptist churches in my city. The Pastor is well aware of Joyce Meyers and this trip. This is just one example. My point is, one shouldn't knock another denomination when their own denomination is a mess and isn't even trying to sort it out.

  3. I agree with Gene that the controversy has gone on far too long. IMO, the denomination has been dragging its feet in addressing the matter for a variety of reasons. But, that's not a fault of presbyterian polity per se.

  4. Anonymous,

    This has gone on for several years now. In the old days in Baptistery, like I said, it would have been nipped in the bud in weeks or months. We Baptists were having church trials just over a century ago. That doesn't happen anymore.

    True, many Baptists aren't practicing CD. However, CD is a growing concern in the SBC, even in the SBTC, which is generally anti-Calvinistic and opposed to anything the Founders has to say. RB's and Sov. Grace Baptists are doing quite a good job. In addition, Tom Ascol will, I think, be offering his resolution on CD at this year's Convention. It stands a good chance of passing, IMO, and if so, though non-binding, it will do some good. Also, there are conferences on CD and roll-purging, etc. going on in Baptist circles now. These are positive developments.