Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A House Divided

Dawkins and the Religion Petition


  1. I'm still struggling to figure out what "house" you refer to. Ed is a deist. Richard Dawkins is an atheist.

    I'm also doubting the reality of this "division":
    Both now agree that Richard should not have signed the petition. It was more miscommunication than anything else.

    I have some comments on it at my blog for the interested (probably few and far between) HERE.

  2. PS: Nick Matzke has extensive coverage at the Panda's Thumb

  3. Dawkins is quoted as saying:

    > "Schools should teach: ‘Christians believe X, Muslims believe Y, Buddhists believe Z.’ But a teacher should never say something like ‘You are a Christian child and we Christians believe...’"

    Well and good. And then the very next thought the child thinks is, "Well, Mum and Dad say our family are Charismatic Wesleytarians, and Charismatic Wesleytarians believe X, and that means *I* believe X too!"