Monday, December 04, 2006

Perennial antisemitism


Baker's Folly
11/29 12:07 PM
According to the New York Sun: "An expert adviser to the Baker-Hamilton commission expects the 10-person panel to recommend that the Bush administration pressure Israel to make concessions in a gambit to entice Syria and Iran to a regional conference on Iraq. ..."

For James Baker and his ilk, it always comes down to Israel and, by implication, the Jews.  I warned about this the other day.  His thinking is skewed by his contempt.  Baker is Pat Buchanan in a $3,000 suit.



  1. Steve's genius knows no bounds: history, theology, foreign policy...

  2. Poor anonymous. S/he really needs to get a life.

    All anon does is make fun of Steve, pretend that Steve's views are pointless, etc.

    And yet anonymous is an addict. S/he cannot leave this blog and go to "worthwile" pastures. No, s/he is bound to this website with an invisible tether that will not allow him/her to escape. It's a compulsive disorder, this insane need to say something on every post.

    It's almost like hero worship.

    Yes, methinks anonymous has simply replaced Steve as his/her father-figure. S/he attempt to rebel, as all good teenagers must do, and yet because of his/her nature must inexplicably find him/herself drawn back over and over again. Completely unable to sever the tie.

    Either that, or anonymous is just stupid. Which is a whole lot easier to say, at least.

  3. This is not THE anon, just A anon! Has anyone ever thought about just ignoring s/he altogether? I mean really just pay no mind to the pointless and inane comments? Just gloss over 'em, who cares? Maybe this person will seek attention elsewhere. Otherwise it's just a very small annoyance...