Tuesday, June 13, 2006

And the Winner Is

Frank Page of Taylors, SC has just been elected SBC President. He is the first "non-establishment" candidate to be elected in 26 years. Jerry Sutton and Ronnie Floyd received just under 25 percent of the vote apiece. Page won with 50.48 percent of the vote. This means that 75 percent did not vote for Ronnie Floyd, the man endorsed by Paige Patterson and other agency heads. He is, unlike Dr. Sutton, unwilling to amend the BFM to conform to International Mission Board policies (thus setting a precedent that we can amend the BFM to conform to the whims of agencies), and, unlike Floyd, he will not continue to narrow the parameters of cooperation in the SBC in a manner that exceeds the current BFM. Congratulations, Brother Frank, and may God have mercy on your soul.


  1. i hope the SBC begins refocusing on prayer and following God's direction, even if it's away from the norm or former-policies.

    But w/ a biblical driven focus I pray God would continue to use leaders of the SBC convention...

    there is so many resources and so much that could be done.

    --RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

  2. I rather believe that God will have mercy on Frank's soul....