Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Let's be serious!


When the above statement was published, it was intended as a literary device. It was not meant as a joke or an attempt to be cute, but neither was it intended in any way as an endorsement of violence. Much of the controversy has surrounded the word “probably,” which I included as an ironic understatement. I thought that that people would understand it to mean, “of course we must not firebomb people’s houses!” I was shocked and appalled by the accusation that this device was an incitement to violence. Frankly, I was incredulous and thought that these accusers were merely disingenuous.


It’s a mark of Dr. Bauder’s sanctity that he goes on to issue a public apology and disclaimer. He’s a Christian gentleman, whereas his accusers in the liberal media are neither Christian nor gentlemanly.

That said, I don’t think Dr. Bauder owes anyone an apology.

The liberal media were spoiling for some statement from some Christian leader which they could deliberately twist and misconstrue to their malicious ends.

Unable to make an honest case by honest means, they resort to feigned exegesis to justify feigned indignation.

Dr. Bauder needn’t explain himself. There's nothing to explain.

Men of good will know what he meant. Men of ill-will know what he meant. But men of ill-will, being ill-willed, willfully take it otherwise out of their unteachable, incorrigible spite.

Those that need to hear him won’t listen, while those that listen don’t need to hear him. Those that have ears to hear will hear, while the hard-of-hearing will remain spiritually deaf to any good he has to say.

So I’d encourage him to keep on saying whatever he has to say however he has to say it.

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