Friday, February 03, 2006

How Not to Do Apologetics

I'm simply going to link you here on this one:

Founders Blog

Tom Ascol does a marvelous job with this gentleman. Apparently, this is Rev. McDuffie's favorite axe to grind. Folks, this a classic bad argument v. Calvinism. I may respond myself. Perhaps Steve or Evan will beat me to it.

The lesson here is not about Calvinism however. This is a post about apologetic method. For the record, when folks argue in this manner for whatever their cause: Calvinism, Catholicism, Baptistry, Lutheranism, even atheism, but they do work like Rev. McDuffie, they are only doing their opposition a favor. I'd like to thank by far the majority of the contributors to the metas at Triablogue for keeping the majority of the discussion above this level so we can have real conversations.

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