Thursday, December 01, 2005

Coming home to Mother Church

Papal Residence
Pope Pius XIII

The Pope's Residence

As the Vatican is now under the control of the non-Catholic Vatican II sect, Pope Pius XIII will maintain residence at an as-yet undisclosed location.

Catholics worldwide pray for the day when the forces of evil who presently control the Vatican will be overthrown and the Vatican be given back to the Catholic Church. Nevertheless, Catholics know that it is not the place where the pope resides that matters, but the fact that the pope is the Vicar of Christ, wherever the pope may be.

You may send your prayers and support for the Pope to the Papal Office at the following address:

Papal Office of the tCC
P.O. Box
133 Springdale, WA 99173

Note that the acronym tCC stands for "true Catholic Church" and the lower/upper case notation is correct as shown above. This is to distinguish the pope of the true Catholic Church.from the imposter "pope" who presently occupies the Vatican.


  1. (Oops. lost my last comment. hope i'm not redundant again.)

    Papal headquarters in Springdale, Washington? Time for a pilgimage, if there's a good Italian restaurant, that is.

  2. Doesn't sound like Benedict is going to chart a new direction for the RC church --

  3. Obviously he can't be the true Pope. I mean, as if God would abandon His divinely instituted priesthood, which He has preserved for centuries in its task of protecting the authentic Word, and start all over again with a bunch of nobodies in some small town nobody's heard of...

    I mean, truth is determined by numbers, isn't it?

    "Catholicism [*]: Institutionally Older Than Protestantism, But More Consistent With The New Testament Than Judaism, Samaritanism or Sabeanism"

    [*] The Vatican brand (c)