Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fruitcake for life

Like the old joke about how there’s only one fruitcake in all the world, dear old Dave apparently believes that there is only one “Steve” in all the world.


Steve Hays chimes in on Phil's blog (completely missing the entirely-humorous nature of my post, of course, which I find hysterically funny):

Steve said...

r reeves said, "I think he [Dave Armstrong] needs a prize of some sort."

Didn't Phil once say something about the "native narcissism" that so rampantly pervades the blogosphere? Can't remember Phil's exact words. But for someone to be so preoccupied as to throw an ad infinitum hissy fit over something as trivial as one's own blogging output might call for a "Best Native Narcissist" award.


I hate to rain on his fruitcake, but there is actually more than one Steve who has been known to post a comment on Bro. Phil’s blog, and I’m not the Steve in question.

But so that dear old Dave won’t go home empty-handed, I hereby confer upon him the honorary fruitcake award as the consolation prize--and since I honestly can’t think of anyone more deserving, I’ll make this the honorary lifetime fruitcake award.

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  1. My great grandmother's recipe for fruitcake says it must be steeped in wine...

    One could run several directions with that metaphor right now...