Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Howard Campi Stern

From the man who bewails the Evangelical downgrade and dumbing down of the gospel, Steve Camp is now comparing ECB to flatulence.


There's a popular word for these sorts of "jokes," but it's not a word I happen to use, and it's not the sort of joke I tell. What a pity when a one-time Christian leader turns himself into the George Carlin or Howard Stern of the God-bloggers.

Steve Camp has become a disgrace to the name of Christ. One wonders how much longer his slavish fans will put up with this shameless behavior. It's time for the Evangelical community to shun him lest we share in his disgrace.


  1. Did you see what Camp said two entries earlier? He wants to give ECBers "a gentle reminder" that they're "stupid". Yeesh.

  2. Steve Camp has indeed become a disgrace. Contrast him with Phil Johnson: While I do not agree with the latter's take on ECB, his contribution to the debate is helpful and I admire his willingness to defend his views graciously. Steve, however, does not defend his views; he simply restates them again and again, then mocks his critics from a distance. I hope guys like Phil will distance themselves Steve ASAP so as not to spoil their own fine reputations.

  3. I second your contrast between Johnson, who has risen to the occasion, and Camp, who has sunk to the depths.

  4. Steve:

    Camp must have the same rhetoric and speech therapist as does Holding at Tekton.

  5. Scott Klusendorf: yes, that's a perfect summary of the differences between the two. I could not have said it any better. Or more concisely :-)