Tuesday, August 30, 2005

From the horse's mouth

This polling data is in descending order of currency. Some of it is dated to one degree or another. Still, it gives us an insider’s perspective which the mainstream media regularly filters out—even though this source reflects the viewpoint of those most affected and best-informed.


How do you feel about Cindy Sheehan, who is citing her son's combat death in demanding a meeting with President Bush to discuss the war in Iraq?

Her camp-out near Bush’s Texas ranch is appropriate
27.26 % (1,013)

Her camp-out is inappropriate
69.27 % (2,574)

I don't know
3.47 % (129)

Total votes: 3716

The Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services has proposed several changes to help military women adjust to motherhood while continuing their careers in uniform. Among them: leaves of absence for parents of young children; and the right to refuse transfers during critical years of family life. How do you feel about these suggestions? [Poll taken: April 13-April 19, 2005]

They are great ideas
19.07 % (317)

They would help military mothers, but hurt readiness
25.33 % (421)

They would be unfair to service members without children
31.35 % (521)

They wouldn’t make a difference at all
1.20 % (20)

They are bad ideas
23.04 % (383)

Total votes: 1662

The Army is planning to officially place women in combat-support units on the front lines. What do you think of this idea?

I like it, because it would accurately reflect what is already happening.
43.83 % (1,770)

It’s a bad idea. Women should not be anywhere near the front.
51.09 % (2,063)

I don’t know.
5.08 % (205)

Total votes: 4038

What do you think about reports that roughly 3 percent of service members in Iraq and Afghanistan are taking antidepressant medications to deal with the stresses of long separations and combat duty?

It's probably OK. The medication could help some troops cope with a tough situation.
45.78 % (1,813)

It's a bad idea. Service members in the combat zone need to do their jobs with clear heads, unencumbered by any such medications.
46.52 % (1,842)

I don't know.
7.70 % (305)

Total votes: 3960

How do you think training of Iraqi security forces is proceeding?

It's proceeding very well
8.50 % (220)

It's proceeding slowly, but as well as can be expected
48.51 % (1,255)

It's not proceeding well
33.86 % (876)

I don't know
9.12 % (236)

Total votes: 2587

Who do you think is more culpable for recent allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib Prison?

The soldiers who were guarding the prisoners
13.53 % (1,171)

The chain of command, for not issuing clear guidelines for prisoner treatment
27.37 % (2,369)

Both the unit and commanders are equally responsible
57.18 % (4,949)

I don’t know
1.92 % (166)

Total votes: 8655

From what you've seen and heard to date, do you think John Kerry has offered a comprehensive strategy for how he would deal with the situation in Iraq if he is elected president?

17.20 % (852)

78.46 % (3,886)

I don't know
4.34 % (215)

Total votes: 4953

What do you think about the news media's coverage of the war in Iraq?

It's exaggerating how bad things are there
52.17 % (2,457)

It's pretty close to the mark
14.46 % (681)

It's underestimating how bad things are there
26.79 % (1,262)

Don't know
6.58 % (310)

Total votes: 4710

Who do you think is behind the attacks against U.S. forces in Iraq?

Former Iraqi army soldiers loyal to Saddam
14.35 % (926)

Al-Qaida operatives from other countries
9.82 % (634)

Disgruntled Iraqi civilians
4.45 % (287)

Disorganized factions
3.30 % (213)

All of the above
66.59 % (4,297)

None of the above.
1.49 % (96)

Total votes: 6453

Should the Supreme Court's recent ruling striking down state laws that banned private consensual homosexual acts be used to change the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy?

29.51 % (538)

65.00 % (1,185)

Don't know.
5.49 % (100)

Total votes: 1823

Would a pre-emptive strike against Iraq be ethical?

70.76 % (2,067)

29.24 % (854)

Total votes: 2921

Should the U.S. invade Iraq?

73.84 % (2,092)

26.16 % (741)

Total votes: 2833

How should the U.S. government deal with John Walker, the 20-year-old American captured while fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan?

Try him for treason, with possible death penalty
76.07 % (3,504)

Try him for treason, without possible death penalty
9.38 % (432)

Try him on other charges, such as sedition
10.10 % (465)

He should not face charges
4.45 % (205)

Total votes: 4606



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