Sunday, May 15, 2005

Iatray Ogblay

For those Reformed Catholics whose command of idiomatic English may be a mite rusty do to regular attendance at Latin Mass, I have prepared a translation in my best Ciceronian Pig-Latin of my most recent reply to Owen so that our separated Reformed Catholic brethren will have the benefit of a Latin-English edition to guide them through English as a second language:

Aulpay Owenway ashay ustjay ostedpay “Omesay Oughtsthay onway


Afterway avinghay identifiedway imselfhay asway away “
onvincedcay Esbyterianpray” --eepkay ouryay ingersfay ossedcray
--ehay oesgay onway otay explainway atwhay ehay ouldway ebay
ereway ehay otnay away Esbyterianpray. Away Aptistbay isway
atway ethay eryvay ottombay ofway ishay adderlay, otway ungsray
elowbay Omanray Atholicismcay.

Oneway esitateshay otay eculatespay onway ichwhay ehay ouldway
optway orfay ereway ehay orcedfay otay oosechay etweenbay ethay
Aptistbay andway ethay Ormonmay aithfay. Ivengay ishay ighhay
urchchay ympathiessay, ivengay atthay Ormonmay ecclesiologyway
isway arfay oremay Atholiccay anthay Aptisticbay, andway ivengay
atthay, ybay ishay ownway ightslay, away Ormonmay ancay ebay
away uetray elieverbay inway Esusjay Istchray, ethay ospectspray
areway esslay anthay omisingpray.

Eforebay oceedingpray urtherfay, ermitpay emay otay aylay ymay
ownway ardscay onway ethay abletay. Istoricallyhay, away
Alvinistcay ouldcay ebay away Aptistbay, Anglicanway,
Esbyterianpray, orway Elshway Ethodistmay. Andway, eakingspay
orfay yselfmay, Iway inkthay atthay eachway ofway esethay ancay
ebay away alidvay ehiclevay ofway ethay Eformedray aditiontray.
Etlay emay alsoway aysay atthay althoughway Iway amway otnay,
andway ouldway evernay bay eway oneway, Iway oftenway
attendedway away Utheranlay urchchay (ELSWAY) ecausebay Iway
enjoyedway ethay expositoryway eachingpray andway ethay
aditionaltray ylestay ofway orshipway.

Owenway enthay offersway away otway-aragraphpay ebuttalray ofway
Aptistbay ecclesiologyway andway acramentologysay. Iway ustmay
aysay atthay Iway onday’tay eesay ethay ointpay ofway isthay
exerciseway. Owenway itescay away ewfay ellway-ornway
ooftextspray orfay ishay ositionpay.

Iway onway’tay aketay imetay otay ommentcay onway etherwhay
esethay areway otay ethay ointpay orway otnay. Atherray, Iway’
llay ustjay otenay atthay ourway Aptistbay ethrenbray,
includingway ethay Eformedray Aptistsbay, areway onlyway ootay
amiliarfay ithway esethay ersesvay, andway avehay epeatedlyray
onstruedcay emthay inway away annermay onsistentcay ithway
Aptistbay ecclesiologyway andway acramentologysay.

Osay orfay Owenway otay osstay esethay offway, asway ifway
othingnay adhay everway eenbay aidsay ybay ethay opposingway
idesay inway ayway ofway away ountercay-interpretationway, isway
otnay away erioussay argumentway. Osay owhay isway ethay
audienceway orfay isthay upposedsay otay ebay? Orfay osethay
owhay alreadyway agreeway ithway Owenway, andway onday’tay
arecay owhay oorpay ethay easonsray areway?

Iway’day alsoway ikelay otay ommentcay onway oneway atementstay
inway articularpay: “Otay ejectray infantway aptismbay isway
otay utcay oneselfway offway omfray ethay istorichay Atholiccay
Urchchay–omethingsay ichwhay Eformersray ikelay Inglizway,
Ullingerbay, Ucerbay, Alvincay andway Utherlay implysay ereway
otnay illingway otay oday. Eythay awsay eirthay ootsray inway
ethay Atholiccay Urchchay ofway ethay ecedingpray enturiescay,
otnay inway omesay esotericway emnantray ofway elieversbay
osewhay ineagelay ouldcay ebay arrowlynay acedtray ackwardsbay
inway imetay otay ethay Ewnay Estamenttay.”

Ownay, evenway ifway ouyay upportsay infantway aptismbay, isthay
isway away eciousspay argumentway orfay infantway aptismbay.
Ethay eryvay actfay atthay ethay Otestantpray Eformersray
okebray ithway Omeray entailsway away easuremay ofway
iscontinuityday ithway ethay astpay. Away Aptistbay isway onay
oremay orway esslay utcay offway omfray istorichay
Istianitychray anthay away Utheranlay orway away Esbyterianpray
. Orfay atthay attermay, Enttray ashay eryvay ittlelay useway
orfay ethay Augustinianway aditiontray—especiallyway ethay
artspay ofway ostmay useway otay Alvincay.

Itway ouldshay alsoway ebay unnecessaryway otay ointpay outway
atthay Alvincay’say argumentway orfay infantway aptismbay isway
itequay ifferentday omfray Utherlay’say. Inway additionway,
ifferentday Esbyterianspray ivegay ifferentday easonsray orfay
infantway aptismbay.

Ownay, enwhay ifferentday aedobaptistspay offerway ifferentday
andway, indeedway, utuallymay exclusiveway argumentsway orfay
infantway aptismbay, isway itway entirelyway onesthay otay utpay
ethay Aptistsbay onway oneway endway ofway ethay alescay,
andway allway ethay aedobaptistspay onway ethay otherway endway
? Isnway’tay Owenway, inway effectway, eepingkay ishay umbthay
irmlyfay essedpray ownday onway ishay endway ofway ethay alescay
—andway enthay exclaimingway atthay ethay Aptistbay ositionpay
ashay eenbay ulyday eighedway andway oundfay antingway?

Ethay eadingray asway osay unbalancedway ecausebay ishay
electionsay iteriacray ereway osay unbalancedway—ountingcay
anymay asway oughthay eythay ereway oneway. Ethay onlyway
ingthay isthay ovespray isway atthay ifway ouyay ilttay ethay
alesscay inway ouryay avorfay, ouyay etgay away eadingray
avorablefay otay ouryay ositionpay.

Andway incesay ommuniocay anctorumsay oesnday’tay ivegay ethay
opposingway idesay away airfay opportunityway otay espondray,
Iway appyhay otay inviteway ourway Aptistbay ethrenbray, andway
especiallyway Eformedray Aptistsbay, otay ommentcay erehay onway
Owenway’say eaksnay-andway-etreatray iecepay.


  1. igpay atinlay okesjay evernay ailfay otay akemay emay aughlay.


    (-: :-)

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  3. I'm a Reformed Baptist, but I'm not sure why I'd like to respond to Paul Owen. John Owen, maybe, but John didn't say much about baptism.

    Is that Frank Turk? Is he emanating?