Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Editorial policy

Unlike some Christian blogs, triablogue allows and welcomes comments. But this privilege can be abused. The blogospere seems to attract a few roving individuals who have a big chip on their shoulder and are just spoiling for some venue in which to unload and vent their rage. As such, it has become necessary to lay down a few editorial guidelines.

1. You can say anything you please about me (Steve Hays). Attack me with impunity. I don't care. I can take it. I've set myself up as a lightning rod, so that just goes with the territory.

2. It is not, however, equally acceptable to turn triablogue into a free fire zone where one commentator can heap personal abuse on another commentator.

A lurker or commentator who is not a Calvinist should not be made to feel that he has strayed into enemy territory and needs to keep his head down lest he get it blown off.

Anyone is welcome to disagree with anything I (or Ryan) says. It matters not whether he's an atheist or Roman Catholic or Greek Orthodox or what have you.

BTW, to tell your theological opponent that if only he had the Holy Spirit, he would see the error of his ways is not a constructive argument. It is not an argument at all.

3. Dialogue is a two-way street. If someone comments on what I (or Ryan) say, I reserve the right to respond.

4. Triablogue is not some effeminate, Alan Alda type forum. We affirm Scriptural standards of manhood. As such, triablogue reflects the blunt, rough-and-tumble of manly debate.

There is also a place for humor, including satire and sarcasm--since you find these forms of humor in Scripture as well.

5. But the emphasis needs to be on reason and evidence.

Expletives, abbreviated or not, will not be tolerated. Ad hominem invective, as a substitute for reasoned argument, is unacceptable.

Triablogue has the technical wherewithal to delete inappropriate comments. I'm very loathe to exercise this prerogative, but I'm concerned that there may be lurkers out there who have something they need to ask or want to say, but are scared off by the increasingly vicious tone in the comments section.

Triablogue is a ministry, not a shooting-gallery. It is necessary that we preserve the pastoral character of the blog--even if we must sometimes dole out a certain amount of tough love in the process.

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