Thursday, August 16, 2018

Black Mass

L'Osservatore Romano

In 2023, the Devil Incarnate became a priest. Then, using his unique powers of persuasion, he rose through the ranks at a meteoric rate until he was elected pope. Day and night he sacrificed babies on the high altar at St. Peter's basilica. He poured their blood into a chalice. Through the miracle of transubstantiation, their blood became the True Blood of Jesus. It still tasted like human blood. When subjected to chemical analysis, it was indistinguishable from human blood. It had the "accidental" properties of human blood, but the substance was the True Blood of Jesus.

Pope Lucifer extorted the faithful into devoting their babies to be exsanguinated because he had a monopoly the Sacrament. The only way to receive the Host was from his consecrated hands. The faithful had no where else to go. To turn one's back on the infernal papacy was tantamount to Judas betraying Jesus.  

Okay, that's fictional, but compare it to real tweets by pious Catholics:

Daily Catholic Blurb
Please remember that you didn’t come into the Catholic Church because of the men running it, you came because Jesus is her spouse and here alone can you receive Our Lord in the Eucharist.

JM Kraemer/The Lego Church Project 
We need more people to come to Mass so we can show our support for the #GoodPriests.

chat alvarado
I can't get this tweet out of my head -- 1st We are Catholics (cradle & otherwise) not because of men but because the Catholic Church is HIS CHURCH. If we abandon HIS Church because of men's failings, then it is like the apostles abandoning Jesus because of Judas.

David Dunn
The miracle of renewal in my heart, the trembling going to Adoration for the first time, the relief of confession, the reality of the presence of Christ Eucharist is why I am Catholic. If the devil is using priests to do evil, it is because he hates the one true apostolic church.

Leticia Velasquez
Beautifully stated! Reminds me of St Francis who kissed the hands of a sexually active priest, because those hands brought Jesus to him.

John Barry
Remember that the Church is not about priests, bishops, Cardinals or even popes but about Christ.  And what a miracle it is that even through the hands of lowly sinners can he give us His true presence in the Eucharist! #MaximilianKolbe #prayforus

If the whole world fell away, I would remain Catholic. Not because I am strong or better than anyone else, but because I searched many years for the truth, I found Him, or He found me, & I’m not letting go. To Whom would I go? Christ is right here in His Church, no matter what.

John 6:68 "And Simon Peter answered him: Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life."

Troy Wynne
I was about to type in the same quote! Because it's true.

Nicholas C. Chancey
“Lord, whom would we go? You have the words of eternal life.” John 6:68

Where would I go?

Thomas Fuller
...(the Church)has the words of eternal life.

Fyodor Garibaldi
Even a million pedophile priests aren't worth having a mortal sin on your soul. You should go to Mass tonight and Confession as soon as possible.

Terry Lawson
Would you have left Jesus when Judas proved to be less than he was called to be? Mother Church is still Christ’s Bride. Priests will always need our prayers. We are all fallen creatures. Come home.

Vincent StClair
If you don't believe Jesus and his sacrament is greater than the people performing them then you don't think too highly of the Lord. The truly sacred cannot be tainted.

Laura Meineke
Makes me wonder....he has consecrated hands and can turn bread into body of Christ.

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  1. I think I should form a metal band called Black Mass.