Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sex abuse ring

As Fr. Thomas Berg recently explained, the issue is sexually active priests and bishops. In the main, the persistent problem is with homosexually active priests.  Fr. Roger Landry argues—rightly, I think—that most priests who persist in infidelity with women eventually leave the priesthood, but priests who cheat on their vocation with men often continue to live a double life. Most of the issues stem from this kind of duplicity. Networks of active homosexual priests have developed: They protect and promote their own and others who will tolerate them. They become a major problem when they insinuate themselves into positions of power (in a seminary, in a chancery or diocese, in a religious order, in the Roman curia)—as occurred in the case of Theodore McCarrick. 


  1. I've known men, Christian and secular, who have lived chaste lives even thought they aren't married have a girl friend. I've never met a homosexual who has. It's a different culture.

    I wonder what the situation is with the Eastern Orthodoxers who have a married priesthood but celibate bishops. I'm sure they have their flaws but I doubt they have the problems.

  2. Lisa, the Orthodox church has had its own issues with sexual abuse. Whether it's as prevalent as within the RCC is hard to say because the number of Orthodox denominations in the US is relatively small.