Thursday, August 16, 2018

Football blues

Some boys live for football. Intramural football is the highpoint of their life. They know it's not risk-free, but they only get once chance to be teenagers, so they make the most of it. 

It's a big letdown after they graduate from high school. The rest of their life is an anticlimax. They continue to watch football, but that's not the same thing has playing football. They look back on that time of life with bittersweet nostalgia, yearning to recapture their long-lost youth.

Of course there are more important things in life than football. But here's my point: Those who die in Christian will be 17 again. Maybe not literally 17, but those who die in Christ will be rejuvenated. Youthful and ageless. 

You're not condemned to look back vainly and longingly at all you lost, for you can look ahead to restoration. In a sense you come full circle, but better than ever. Christians have so much to look forward to. 


  1. So true! and it's not just football, or sports for that matter. So many of my fellow veterans look back on their service as the high point (or low point) of their lives with bittersweet nostalgia (or burning anger) and try to recapture their long-lost (or just plain lost) youth.

    Those of us who come to the realization that Christ was and still is our true commander realize that our service to our country was merely a part of our service to God. We realize that it was part of God's plan to mold us into what He wants, not the high point of our life, just a highlight.