Wednesday, August 15, 2018


In general, Internet atheists copy each other. Most of them are reading from the same script. They raise the same formulaic objections to Christianity. 

Logically, that means you only need to refute their script one time. If there are 10,000 duplicate scripts, it's only necessary to refute one copy–because they all say the same thing. 

Yet the average atheist hands you his unmarked script, and expects you to do through it page-by-page as if this is the very first time we encountered these objections. As if there aren't preexisting answers.

The average atheist makes no effort to keep up with the opposing side of the argument. They act like Christians are supposed to start all over again every time they talk to yet another overconfident, uninformed atheist. Separately comment on each duplicate script. Start from scratch each time. Respond to the same stale objections. 

If you point them to resources that already address their objections, they're to lazy to check that out. They demand that you comment on their duplicate script. 

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  1. You are absolutely right. I just had an atheist challenge me to prove the miracles of Christ. I asked him to tell me what would count as evidence and why. No answer yet.