Wednesday, August 15, 2018


1. I believe White is responding to Steve Camp. It's my impression that Camp engages in virtue-signaling rather than serious apologetics or evangelistic outreach. This is just sending a message to other people that he's tough on Islam.

2. In addition, I agree with White that there are many other issues we can bring up besides Aisha. Islam is a target-rich environment.

3. Likewise, leading with Aisha can shut down discussion before discussion ever gets underground. A conversation-stopper rather than an opening.

4. That said, is White suggesting that Muhammed didn't have sexual intercourse with a prepubescent girl? When he makes dismissive comments about "ignorance-laden, bigoted attacks" on Muhammad in reference to Aisha, that seems to be what he means.

5. Moreover, White seems to be suggesting that Christian apologists should never bring up the issue of Muhammad's pederastic marriage. Yet this isn't just ad hominem. Muhammad is the role model for Muslims. And they consider unfitting behavior to discredit prophetic or messianic claimants.

Are we not supposed to talk about child rape in relation to Muhammad? What about cult leaders who practice child rape on the compound? Is that verboten?

White appears to be saying that Muhammad's sex life is offlimits in Christian apologetics and countercult ministry. That there's absolutely no circumstances under which a Christian can legitimately raise that issue. Does White think it's always wrong to "attack" Muhammad's character?

What about the moral credibility of Joseph Smith? Are Christian apologists not allowed to point to evidence that Joseph Smith was a con man? What about Benny Hinn? Does White have a consistent standard in countercult ministry?

What about the subculture of pederasty in the Catholic priesthood and episcopate? Are Christian apologists permitted to raise that issue?


  1. Sometimes it's so nauseating to listen to Sheikh Al-ustadh James White.

    1. Can't really disagree.

    2. Sometimes White is right. Other times White is wrong. But the problem is White doesn't like it when anyone points out when he's wrong.

      He takes criticisms personally (way too personally) even if the criticisms aren't personal criticisms (obviously this comment is a personal criticism but I believe justified given White's consistent behavior). In fact, White has a knack for turning a criticism against his position into a criticism against his person.

      Most people find it more bearable to deal with someone who is open to criticism and correction than someone who gets hyper defensive like White so often does.

      And White's defensiveness often manifests itself in sanctimoniousness and a holier than thou attitude against those (justifiably) criticizing him.