Saturday, August 21, 2004

I'm back...sort of

After spending the Summer in Venice Beach and in the midst of 5 trips in August. I'm actually checking in on the blog.

I just got a copy of John Eldredge's new book "Epic" from Nelson.
On the whole it's a simple and effective, popular level, tool for helping non-Christians see the 'story' behind all of life. The irony is this: Eldredge claims in "Epic" that God is the author of the story of the universe and the end will be glorious for those who repent and trust in Jesus; yet by implication from his own "Wild at Heart" the author of the story doesn't even know how the story will end and is risking whether it will end well at all. How can an author not be in control of his own story. Eldredge believes (according to "Epic") that the story will have a glorious and joyous ending. Yet according to "Wild at Heart" God himself can't guarantee if it will end this way or end like any Greek or Shakespearean tragedy: with death and despair. Let's hope what the Bible says is true and it all works out OK. ;-)