Monday, July 23, 2012

What Could Have Prevented the Massacre

Call me simple but movie theaters should allow law-abiding citizens to carry either concealed or unconcealed guns. This massacre could have been prevented if citizens were allowed to carry guns into the movie theater.

James Holmes may have been deterred if he knew that the movie theater allowed guns. Someone may object by saying, "He was crazy so he would have done this anyway." Ok, let's assume he would not have cared, but at least someone in the movie theater should have had the freedom to defend his life by emptying his clip into the center of Holmes' head. It would have been better that he killed 3 people instead of 13.

If you doubt me look at the phenomenon in Wisconsin by Walker's recent concealed gun law that was passed. Yes, gun-toting thugs beware—you do not know who is carrying a gun!

In fact, wise Wisconsin business owners are now putting signs on their doors saying, "Concealed guns are permitted." And there are foolish owners putting signs on their doors saying, "Concealed guns are not permitted." If you were a thief, what business would you rob?

In fact, not only are the wise businesses being robbed less, but they are getting more business from customers knowing they are safer! 

Yes, we need to get tough on guns...let the law-abiding citizens carry them!


  1. Amen and Amen!

    Just look at what happened in Florida a week earlier when a gun-toting senior kept two Holmes-like characters from carrying out their murder spree. Not one injury there - except for the guys who sought to do evil.

  2. Good ppst.

    We need more Shanes in the world today. And you know, I used to be able to copy the youtube video of the scene where Shane says to Joey's Mom, "Guns are no different than any other tool", but it's vanished. I guess the youtube police don't like that excellent portion of the film.

  3. I agree, Alan. And I hope liberals keep making such an issue of guns in the coming months, so that they'll lose by an even wider margin in November.

  4. I agree with the basic premise that law-abiding citizens should be allowed to carry guns, even in these situations. However, I was talking with someone in our church who was a law-enforcement officer for 25+ years. He said in these particular situations most citizens would not know exactly how to response. Fear, confusion, adrenaline and the quickness in which these particular sorts of incidents happen would leave most people, without the proper training, unsure of themselves as to what to do.