Monday, July 23, 2012

Bovine cosmography

Liberals and outright unbelievers routinely say the cosmography of Gen 1 is mythological. Well, let’s compare Gen 1 with ancient Egyptian cosmography, then ask yourself which depiction is clearly mythological:

Line Rendering of the Celestrial Cow from the Tomb of Seti I

Afterwards, the sun god, Re, withdrew to the sky on the back of the celestial cow who is the Goddess Nut transformed. The cow is supported by Shu, the eight Heh-gods along with the Pharaoh. This would account for the importance of the book for the king, who was the "son" and successor of Re, and who withdraws to the sky upon his death, like Re, on the back of the heavenly cow.


  1. If the cosmos is bovine and the world will perish by fire, does it then stand to reason that only those who like their steak well done will see paradise?

    1. It could definitely pose an eschatological conundrum for Christian vegans.