Sunday, July 22, 2012

Surgical Sex


  1. Very important article there, it seems to me. That kind of information is not being told much in the main stream media. It is good to see some one writing about this who knows what they are talking about.

    Thanks for linking to that.

    1. Indeed, Paul McHugh is a pretty big (if controversial) name in psychiatry/neurology. He'd be a big name just for co-creating the MMSE which is still routinely used to screen for dementia today. But, of course, he's done much more.

      Although mental disease is absolutely fascinating, more so than many other fields, I'm not terribly interested in psychiatry as a specialty. At least not at this point. However, people like McHugh and their work may tempt me to reconsider someday.

      Also, my impression is he's one of those old school liberals that many conservatives could back on a lot of social/cultural issues.

    2. Anthony Daniels aka Theodore Dalrymple is another psychiatrist who has done a lot of respectable work. (I wonder if he didn't use a nom de plume due to fierce competition in the media from the actor who played alongside R2D2? Just kidding.)