Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paul and law

Nanos also rightly emphasizes that Paul was not against Jewish believers following the Torah. It is likely the case, especially in Israel, that most Jews who believed in Jesus continued to circumcise their children, followed purity laws, and even offered sacrifices (cf. Acts 21:20-26).

Furthermore, in Rom 14:1-15:6 Paul defends the right of the weak (who were probably mainly Jewish Christians) to observe days and eat foods that were clean. Paul almost certainly thinks here of the Sabbath and of the food laws of the Old Testament. He forbids those who are strong to impose their convictions on the weak. Instead they must love and accept those who differ with them.

Thomas Schreiner in Four Views on The Apostle Paul, Gundry/Bird, eds. (Zondervan 2012), 194.

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