Saturday, March 05, 2011

A Dividing Line You Should Listen To

I think a lot of our readers follow James White's blog and at least occasionally listen to his webcast. For those who don't follow the blog or missed the most recent webcast for some reason, I highly recommend listening to it. You can read a brief and incomplete overview of the program on the page I just linked. But some of the most significant information isn't discussed until near the end of the program, and it isn't mentioned on the page I just referenced. Listen to the whole thing. It's instructive on so many points. It not only further illustrates the problems with Ergun Caner and his ministry, but also says a lot about modern American politics and those who are closely associated with our political system. When people think of political corruption, they often think of things like sex and money. What's worse is the sort of theological corruption that's so widespread today, including in conservative Republican circles. The false priorities, theological ignorance, apathy, religious pluralism, and lack of discernment, among other problems, are appalling. James White emphasized the problems with Caner and those closely associated with him, like Norman Geisler, but I would add that there are so many negative implications for other contexts as well. This incident is yet another illustration of the corruption of our society and political system in general and how unreliable even many conservative politicians and pundits are.

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  1. Wow, that is a good one, Jason. Wasn't expecting the WaPo article!

    Thanks for recommending it.