Friday, March 04, 2011

Village Physicist

I’m struck by why physicists like Robert Oerter, Taner Edis, and Vic Stenger divert so much time to attacking Christianity. Are they bored with physics? Is physics just a part-time occupation?

Or is the problem that physics has hit a wall? That there’s not much new to say about physics? A lack of fundamental progress?

Put another way, has contemporary physics became so intellectually daunting that only the most brilliant minds in the field (e.g. Ed Witten, Roger Penrose, Juan Maldacena) can hope to make a groundbreaking contribution? Hence, while second-stringers like Oerter, Edis, and Stenger are waiting for the big boys to chart the way forward, they fill the time with dilettantish diversions? 


  1. Sadly it's simpler than all that.

    Because they are sinfully corrupted and rebelliously wicked men they despise the Triune One true and living God and lash out at Him in blind hatred.

    At least the drunk gets pleasure from his drink, and the whoremonger gets pleasure from his whores, but what pleasure does the blasphemer derive from turning his tongue against the Lord of heaven and earth?

    Is eternity in hell not long enough for them to curse God that they need to get a head-start in this life?

    In Christ,

  2. The myth of the cool detached scientist led by reason and reason alone in their studies is soon exploded by reviewing the attacks of people desperate to silence their critics.

    When someone is governed by a priori commitments then the attacks must come so they can silence their doubts.

    And also what Coram Deo referred to. The signs of the rebellious at work, refusing to acknowledge God.

  3. They've made it clear that they're at war with Christianity, but they really mean a fundamentalist type of thinking.

    Atheists often complain that Christians speak on science with little or no understanding. I agree. That's a problem.

    Unfortunately, atheists speak on Christianity and philosophy with little or no understanding.

    Lovely double-standard