Friday, March 04, 2011

"Don't Hate Me Because I'm Arminian"

A dozen years ago, Roger Olson wrote an article entitled “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Arminian.”

I want to assure Roger than I don’t hate Arminians. To the contrary, I like Arminians. Indeed, there are many different ways in which I like my Arminians.

Whenever I go on a cruise with my Reformed homiez, we bring along some tender young Arminians if we need something to eat just in case we’re stranded on a desert island. I always take along a waterproof, pocket-sized cookbook with my favorite recipes, viz. Arminian au jus, Arminian au poivre, Arminian brouillé, Arminian brulée, Arminian confit, Arminian en croute, Arminian en papillote, Arminian flambé, Arminian fondue, Arminian fricasse, Arminian gratin, Arminian Lyonnaise, Arminian Niçoise, Arminian pâté, Arminian poché, Arminian potage, Arminian soufflé. 


  1. You like Arminian gratin?


  2. I suppose you prefer Arminian succotash.

  3. Would have to be the more traditionally english breakfast of bacon eggs and arminian, scrambled arminian, or perhaps, at a push, arminians on toast.

  4. I find cooking Arminians too much work.

  5. Succotash please, hold the Arminian for someone else!

  6. With Ligonier's permission is giving away copies of R.C. Sproul's The Holiness of God audiobook for free for a limited time.

  7. "tender young Arminians"

    Yeah, cuz if you take old ones it would take years to tenderize them.

  8. Or course one could fall back on old industry standards such as :
    Spam, Spam, Spam Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Arminian and Spam.
    cue the music...

  9. "I find cooking Arminians too much work."

    Matt: Well, there's you're problem. Everyone knows that with Arminians, you should always find someone to do the work with you.

    Now, it's just the opposite if you're making a Calvinist casserole--it just turns out wrong if you try to have two people doing the work.

    And if you see someone making hyper-Calvinist hot-pot, don't even bother offering to help.

  10. "hyper-Calvinist hot-pot"

    Hands off cooking at its finest. No need to call anyone to dinner.