Thursday, March 03, 2011

"Science bashers!"

Can You Not See What It Takes to Believe? You Must Bash Science!
By John W. Loftus at 2/26/2011

Yep, that what Vic Reppert and gang must do, and Vic is supposedly an intellectual whom Christians say stands head over heels above me! lol Is this not completely and utterly ignorant? This is why I cannot believe. To do so you must be ignorant!

As a Princeton undergraduate, Nader questioned the spraying of the pesticide DDT on campus. "The groundskeepers would spray it on with huge hoses — we'd even wipe it off our faces it was so thick. The next morning there would be dead birds on the sidewalk."
Nader made the connection, but when he approached the editors of the Princeton newspaper with the story, he was brushed off. "They told me that we had brilliant biology professors and chemists at Princeton and if there was a connection between DDT and the birds' deaths, they would know about it. That was one of the best lessons I had at Princeton." 


  1. Nader was a science basher as an undergraduate because he questioned DDT?

    Loftus is in love with the false idol of Scientism.

    He is such an unwise apostate.

  2. One thing that always gets me about Loftus when he does this schtick.

    Didn't he deconvert relatively late in his life? What was it, college years or so?

    If that's correct, then by his own measure wasn't he brainwashed and deluded and a poor reasoner, etc, etc, for literally decades?