Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Early Christian Moral Standards And Practice

Below are some links to related posts I've written over the years, in case any readers are interested.

Here's a post about early Christian moral standards in general. I address what early non-Christian sources said about the early Christians and early Christian belief and practice on matters like honesty, charity, and infanticide.

Here's a post about abortion.

Here's one about homosexuality.

On polygamy, see here.

And here's one about friendship.

The post here addresses a large series of issues, including moral ones, related to what set Christianity apart in the ancient world.


  1. That was a very helpful summary, Jason.

    To be honest I don't recall having read an exploration of Christian friendship prior to reviewing the link you provided.

    I think that's probably an extremely underrated and underappreciated facet of the Christian pilgrimage (not to mention one of God's kindest gifts).

    Can you recommend other resources on this topic?

    In Christ,

  2. The link to homosexuality had an interesting comment thread.

    Just because there's disagreement or controversy over something doesn't mean that objective truth isn't there. Your "anonymous" interlocutor on that thread was seemingly tilting that way.

  3. Coram Deo,

    H. Clay Trumbull wrote a good book titled Friendship: The Master-Passion (Birmingham, Alabama: Solid Ground Christian Books, 2005). It was originally published in the nineteenth century. It's about the history of friendship in general, not just in ancient Christianity.

  4. Sweet, thanks Jason!

    I just checked and it's a free e-book at Google, w00t!

    In Him,

  5. Oh man. This looks good. It's late right now, but maybe I can read these and excerpt them for a post on Friday.