Sunday, August 25, 2019

Repent and submit to the pope!

Recently a Roman Catholic told me to "Repent and submit to the Pope".

But therein lies a dilemma. I couldn't submit to the pope even if I wanted to. Since popes contradict each other, which pope am I supposed to submit to? Should I just flip a coin?

We're told that we need a pope to play tiebreaker in case of disagreement. But when popes disagree with each other, one can't appeal to "the pope" to break the tie!

Given the development of doctrine, Catholics should only submit to the last future pope. Since they know that Catholic teaching will continue to change, but they don't know ahead of time how it will change, they ought to suspend judgment until the last future pope has the final word. The pope just before Jesus returns! That way, Catholic dogma can't change any more! 

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