Saturday, August 31, 2019

Red New Deal

1. Good to see the Democrats are going with full-blown socialism. That'll definitely go over well for them in the crucial Midwest swing states. /s

2. Democrats alleged Trump has been in cahoots with Russia. Of course that turned out to be false. However, I wouldn't be surprised if communist China is truly funding our social progressives via various middlemen and avenues difficult to trace back to the CCP. At least that seems far more realistic than Putin and Trump.

3. Victor Davis Hanson has a good article: "Why are so many young people calling themselves socialists?".


  1. We might also call it the New Raw Deal

  2. VHD, young people nowadays are 'clueless' about the horrors enacted by their socialist icons?

    Au contraire, there are plenty who know - but consider it worth the breaking of a few (million) skulls to make that utopian omelette. Just look at Antifa and how they justify street violence against their political opponents as well as any random passersby.

    They just never, ever think that THEY will be the ones that get cracked. Just everybody else.