Tuesday, May 07, 2019


In our oversexed, X-rated age, this scene illustrates the sensual power of touch:

A G-rated gesture. Yet it carries such a charge.

Touch is so important in human relationships. There's platonic touch. A mother caressing a child. A father holding the hand of his young son. Friends and brothers hugging each other.

Then there's erotic touch. In this scene, the gesture of a very pretty women putting her hand on his hand. It's like the difference between potential energy and kinetic energy. A boulder on a hilltop doesn't look very energetic. Indeed, it looks decidedly unenergetic. But if it rolls down the hill, by the time it hits the chalet at the bottom of the hill, it has obliterating force.

There can be such potency in small, subtle, mundane gestures. That's lost on so many modern directors.

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