Sunday, May 05, 2019

Ersatz heroines

It's often remarked that many young people today lack good role models. It's not that role models are actually lacking. Rather, many people are so ignorant of history that they don't know where to look. As a result, the void is filled by pop icons and media starlets. In the case of women, that cheapens the example of authentic feminine virtue. Just off the top of my head, here's a list of genuine heroines, some of them devout Christians. If young women are looking for inspirational role models, here's a good place to start:

• Anne Bradstreet

• Fanny Crosby

• Jeanne d'Albret

• Elizabeth Elliot

• Jane Haining

• Selina Hastings

• Médine Moussounga Keener

• Lottie Moon

• Irene Opdyke

• Rosa Parks

• Helen Roseveare

• Christina Rossetti

• Mary Rowlandson

• Sophie Scholl

• Irena Sendler

• Cori ten Boom

• Sojourner Truth

• Harriet Tubman

• Susanna Wesley


  1. This week Nikki Haley is interviewed on The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special. Episode 49. She identifies as a Christian, but apparently attends both Sikh and Methodist worship services. She's also considered by some to be a possibly future U.S. Presidential candidate.

    1. Being an American Indian female, it'll be difficult for leftists to attack her since she's a minority, rather than a straight white male. Though, she is a self-professed Christian and enthnically a South Asian. South Asians and East Asians of course are often considered by the left to be among the privileged in the intersectional index, just below whites.

    2. Leftists are more than willing to attack minorities as long as they're on the right, just a few examples would be Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal.

    3. Vaughn, you're right. I should have/meant to imply it would be a bit more difficult for the left to do so in comparison to their attacks against conservative white males. Yes, the left have no problem attacking conservative or conservative-like minorities.

      For example, Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Candice Owens, Lauren Chen, Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice et cetera.

  2. Rosa Parks ended her life as a spokesman for Planned Parenthood.

  3. --It's not that role models are actually lacking. Rather, many people are so ignorant of history that they don't know where to look.--

    Reminds me of a 4chan meme I saw screenshotted before.

    The OP was lamenting that African Americans these days were desperately chasing after conspiracy theories about the Egyptian pharaohs or Roman emperors really having black skin tone (mocking derided as 'We Wuz Kangz'), because they don't know real history with real African kingdoms and empires.