Monday, May 06, 2019

Theological Interpretation of Scripture

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  1. Good article, I downloaded Collins' book.
    It's interesting to see Reformed/Protestants going back to pre - critical methods for exegesis, hermeneutics and theology. Last year I read Craig Carter's work "Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition" which is a great example.
    I think the criticisms given in the post are spot on, though I can't speak to whether or not the fathers appropriated the Greek model to read Homer. Personally to me, it seems the post-Vosian brand of BT (E. G Kline, Gaffin, Beale etc.) is the way to go as it maintains the fundamental unity of Scripture as a text, yet pays due regard to the historical sensitivity of the redemptive epochs they develop in and are formed by. I've recently started Beale's new commentary on Colossians, and that's a prime example of exegetical control balancing biblico-systematic concerns.