Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hope for the world

I just received the following note from Richard Pratt at Third Millennium ministries. I know it's a form letter, but items such as the one shown in the image above give me an incredible amount of hope for the Gospel in the world.

Here is the whole text of the letter:

Dear Friends,

This year marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The invention of the movable-type printing press and the Reformers’ commitment to translating the Scriptures into every language has given access to God’s Word to more and more believers around the world.

At Third Millennium Ministries we continue in the Spirit of the Reformation. We believe that Christians everywhere in the world have a right to well-taught leaders. God has blessed us this year as we continue to pursue our goal: Biblical Education. For the World. For Free.

We give God all the glory for what he has achieved through Third Millennium. The following are just a few of his accomplishments in 2017:
• Our production team completed 10 new series across our five core languages, and we are accelerating Hindi translations.

• With the addition of new partners like The Gospel Coalition and YouVersion’s Bible App, we now have partnerships with 102 ministries.

• We are producing a free Study Bible available in the public domain, translated in multiple languages, and distributed worldwide.

• This year we fulfilled requests for 1,051 USBs loaded with our curriculum in five languages to church leaders around the world.

• We currently have 687,464 verified supervised students studying our curriculum through one of our partners or on our eLearning website.
In 2018 we are celebrating 20 years of service to Christ. Will you pray for God’s blessing as he continues to expand our ministry over the next 20 years so that every Christian has a well-trained pastor? Your continued support – both spiritually and financially – are absolutely critical to our success.

As you decide how to best steward your resources this year, I ask you to consider partnering with us. If God’s Spirit leads you to join with us, click here to make a donation online.

I pray you will know the joy and peace that only Christ can give as you celebrate His birth this special Christmas season.

In Christ,

Richard Pratt
Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr.
President of Third Millennium Ministries

P.S. - You can also set up a recurring donation. A monthly donation of just $25 is enough to send a USB filled with our entire curriculum to a different pastor each month. Thank you so much.

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