Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pagan miracles

The argument from miracles is a traditional evidence for Christianity. That goes all the way back to the Bible. In modern apologetics, I think that's often neglected compared to archeology and philosophical arguments. 

One prima facie objection to the argument from miracles are non-Christian miracles. If these occur, doesn't that cancel out Christian miracles?

i) In Exodus, there are pagan miracles, but they are trumped by Yahweh, who empowers his servant, Moses. 

Likewise, Christ's reputation as an exorcist involved his authority to overpower the kingdom of darkness. On the mission field, especially in Third World countries, Christian exorcism can be a witness to the true God, trumping animism, polytheism, and the occult.

ii) If miracles overwhelmingly cluster around Christianity, then the rarity of non-Christian miracles is easier to explain given the truth of Christianity, but much harder to explain otherwise. 

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